ASD Resource Base

A specialist provision to support children who have a diagnosis of Autism.

At Billesley Primary School we recognise that some children with ASD can find the world a very confusing place which can make school a challenge. Our aim is to equip our children with skills and strategies to reduce anxieties so that they can have a fun and enjoyable time at school. We promote their inclusion across all areas of their education and provide support to enable them to succeed alongside their mainstream peers in the classroom and beyond.

We follow the National Curriculum, which is appropriately differentiated and personalised, tailored to meet children’s individual needs. Using a wide range of teaching approaches and ASD specific strategies we engage children in their learning and ensure they are confident, successful learners. Our curriculum has a high focus on addressing the social, emotional and communication needs of our pupils. We follow a range of programmes to develop these skills and children have daily opportunities to build upon them through role play, games, collaborative activities and daily golden time. In addition to this, our children have weekly mentoring sessions with our Learning Mentor to address their emotional needs, build self esteem and allow them to reflect on their school experiences.

We endeavour to provide our children with as broad and balanced an education as possible. We have weekly cooking lessons and are looking forward to using these when we transform the base into a cafe for the day! We also enjoy getting out of the classroom. We visit The Chinnbrook Centre weekly to use their sensory room and soft play facilities and always enjoy our annual trip to the relaxed performance of the Pantomime. This year, some of our KS2 children enjoyed our three day, Lower Key Stage 2 residential to The Pioneer Centre.

The Resource Base provides children with an ‘ASD friendly’ environment to learn in. We use a range of visual supports to enable children to access their classroom independently. Our classrooms are calm and promote a distraction free learning environment that enables our children to reach their full potential. We also make use of a range of other spaces including independent workstations, a quiet area and small sensory garden to offer our children a variety of environments to work in and use.

Part of our work involves ensuring our staff understand how best to support the children in their care. We work closely with a range of outside agencies including, Behaviour Support and Training with Steve Brown, PSS, Educational Psychologists and Sensory Support. All of our staff are trained at Level 2 AET and Team Teach.

Contact Us

Billesley Primary School
Trittiford Road
B13 0ES


TEL: 0121 675 2800

Executive Principal: Johanne Clifton
Principal: Karl Rogerson

The School is Governed centrally by by The Elliot Foundation - See

Elliot Foundation
144 York Way
London N1 0AX

Tel: 0207 278 7131

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