At Billesley Primary children start formal spelling tuition when they have a secure working knowledge of Phase 3 Letters and Sounds. Their spelling journey then progresses from Year 1 through to year 6, with the children being taught how to spell words using specific spelling patterns and rules. The emphasis is on the children recognising and employing the spelling pattern, as opposed to just memorising (and then forgetting) words for tests.

Each year group is provided with a comprehensive spelling timetable itemising the specific patterns to be addressed each week, as well as a list of common exception words i.e. words that don’t follow the rules. All spelling content is derived from the National Curriculum 2014.

In years 1 &2 spelling work is closely linked to phonics, with National Curriculum 2014 and Letters and Sounds being used in tandem to plan, deliver, support and challenge our children to become confident and proficient spellers.

Years 3&4 and 5&6 share common exception words; these words are rehearsed and revisited in each adjoining year to consolidate and embed learning. Furthermore, at the beginning of each academic year, children revise spelling patterns from the previous year, to build on their existing knowledge, before moving on to addressing the statutory content for their current age group.

Spelling tests are sent home on a weekly basis and contain a mixture of spelling pattern words and common exception words. Throughout the year, children revisit previously taught spelling patterns and words, to consolidate learning. Spelling is also taught discretely as part of our weekly timetable to ensure that our children not only learn how to spell the words, but also learn their meaning, how to use them in context, and how to use the spelling rule to spell any new words they come across sharing the same spelling pattern.

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