Welcome to Billesley Early Years

At Billesley Primary School we believe that the early years are vital in setting the foundations for life. We currently offer a 39 place nursery and these places are primarily full time.

The Early Years Foundation Stage at Billesley Primary School promotes excellence in early education, enabling all children to achieve success in their early years. We aim to develop creative, imaginative and independent lifelong learners through a play based approach. We pride ourselves on catering for the individual needs of all our children and carefully plan play based learning opportunities through observing the children’s interests.

Our early years practitioners are highly skilled in facilitating a variety of learning opportunities through accurate intervention, effective questioning and supportive scaffolding to ensure learning opportunities are continuously purposeful. Young children are fascinated by their surroundings and at Billesley Primary School we are passionate about providing the ultimate learning environment. Our learning environment is innovative, stimulating and thought provoking which is catered to promote inquisitive learners. Provocations are set out in an engaging manner to ignite our children’s enthusiasm for learning from within. A vast amount of natural and open ended resources, allows our children to stretch their creative muscles in their own unique way.

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Billesley Primary School
Trittiford Road
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Email: enquiry@billesleyschool.co.uk

TEL: 0121 675 2800

Executive Principal: Johanne Clifton
Principal: Karl Rogerson

The School is Governed centrally by by The Elliot Foundation - See https://elliotfoundation.co.uk/about-us/who-we-are

Elliot Foundation
144 York Way
London N1 0AX

Tel: 0207 278 7131
Email: info@elliotfoundation.co.uk

Paper copies are available on request contact enquiry@billesleyschool.co uk