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Parent Update 2.3.21

We are delighted to be welcoming back all children to school on Monday 8th March 2021.

As stated by the government, we will expect all children to return to school on this date but we know that some of you will be anxious about the return to school. With this in mind, I wanted to remind you of the current measures we have in place to minimise the spread of the infection in school.

We will continue to implement the following:

  • Increased ventilation to allow free flow of air
  • Enhanced cleaning arrangements
  • Robust hand and respiratory hygiene
  • Reducing contacts and maximising distancing wherever possible
  • Staggered lunchtime and playtimes
  • Grouping children together by continuing to operate a ‘bubble’ approach
  • Avoiding contact between groups wherever possible
  • Encouraging staff to maintain distance from pupils and other staff as much as possible
  • Staggering start and finish times to the school day
  • All adults wearing facemasks in communal areas, including corridors
  • Lateral flow testing fo rschool staff twice a week

Classroom organisation

  • Children will sit in rows facing the front of the class wherever possible
    • All equipment will be provided by the school,if equipment is shared it will be cleaned in between uses

Other essential information

  • Please do not send school bags in to school
  • On PE days children should come to school in their PE kit and wear it for the whole day.You can find which day your child has PE by clicking the link -here
  • School dinners will be provided with an option for a hot lunch or sandwich
    • Wrap around care. If you require breakfast club of after school club provision please complete this form-here

We have also posted essential information for the children to support them on their return to school in their Google classrooms.

Children start times Children finish times
Nursery 8.30am RF, 1J, 1M, IP RB1, RB2 - 3:00 pm
RF, 1J, 1M, IP, RB1, RB2 - 8:40am RL, RM 3:05 pm
RL, RM 8:45am 2C, 2H, 3O, 3M - 3:05 pm
2C, 2H, 3O, 3M - 8:45 am 6H, 6B, 6S, 5S - 3:10pm
6H, 6B, 6S, 5S - 8:50am 4L, 4B, 4J, - 3:15 pm
4L, 4B, 4J, - 8:55 am 5M, 5C, 2T, 3C - 3:20pm
5M, 5C, 2T, 3C - 9:00 am Nursery 3.30pm


It is important that we work together as a community to support the safety of everyone.

Please continue to support us by:

  • Wearing a face mask in the playground when dropping off or collecting children
  • Observing social distancing whilst on the school site
  • Following the one way system in the playground
    • Contacting us promptly if your child has symptoms of COVID19.
      Guidance on what to do if your child or a member of your household displays symptoms can be found -here
  • Dropping off and collecting your child/children at their allocated time - Please see the table above

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school office. Thank you for your continued support

Mr Rogerson

Parent Update 22.1.21

Dear Parents/Carers


I hope that you and your family are keeping well in what continues to be a challenging period for us all.


We continue to review our support for your child’s learning whilst they are unable to attend school. As part of the process we have reorganised the school website to make it easier for you to access support and resources. All the information you need is now accessible in one tile called School Closure on the school website, you can access it by clicking here.


Here you will find a range of resources to support you at home including: Technical help, extra support for SEN pupils, our Early Years website, our FUN learning site and regular school updates.

There is a wealth of information here so please take the time to have a good look through the resources.


This week we also launched Class Meet. We are aware that it may not be possible for children to attend every one of these meetings but we expect children to access at least one of these daily.


These short 15 minute sessions are an essential part of our offer to you. They give children a chance to check in with their teacher and friends on a regular basis. This helps them stay connected, supports their mental health and provide extra support for their learning.


Over 450 parents have signed up so far which is really pleasing. If you haven’t signed up please complete this form


If you have experience and difficulties accessing online work please click on this link for further guidance.

Free school meal vouchers - The government has now launched their voucher scheme. If you are entitled to FSM vouchers and have not received your voucher please contact the school.


Community boxes - These are available to the whole school community, if you would like a community box please contact the school office. 

  Thank you for your continued support



Mr Rogerson

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